No Charges For Man Who Shot And Killed 3 Intruders


TULSA, OKLAHOMA — Remember when we reported a 19-year-old man shot and killed three burglars who tried to break into his parents’ home? He won’t be facing any charges according to the Oklahoma prosecutor reviewing his case. How about the woman who allegedly drove the three intruders to the scene? She’ll be charged for all of their murders.

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“It is the opinion of this office that [the occupant] acted justifiably … when he used deadly force to defend his home,” said Wagoner County Assistant District Attorney Jack Thorp. “It was clear he operated completely within the law when he used deadly force,” Thorp later told The Associated Press.

Now Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, 21, of Oologah, will stand trial for the deaths of Maxwell Cook, Jacob Redfern and Jakob Woodruff — the intruders on that fateful day. She allegedly drove the men to the scene. In Oklahoma, and many other states, an accomplice can be charged for the deaths of any criminal or innocent bystander killed during the commission of a crime.

“We support the right of our citizens, the right to bear arms and to defend their homes,” Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said. “In this such case, we feel strongly that’s what took place here.”

She probably thought she had the easiest job. Drive three hoodlums out to another man’s home and wait outside in the vehicle. As we reported in the initial story, her face must have turned ashen white when she heard the report of that AR-15 and only saw one of the three men stumble out into the driveway before he collapsed dead.

That’s when you know the situation is messed up beyond belief.

It should be a stark warning to any other potential getaway driver that the price is mighty high for assisting criminals in their enterprises. We, as gun-owning citizens who’ve followed the news, that the warning will fall on deaf ears.

In absence of criminals heeding that warning, it’ll probably be in all of our best interest to keep carrying every single day, everywhere we legally can — in and outside of the home. After all, if they can’t take the hint, they can figure it out for themselves.

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