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[VIDEO] Negligent Discharge at Range is a Friendly Reminder: Don’t Be This Guy

Our friend Robert from TTAG recently shared a video that we felt the need to share as well. It’s an oldie from 2010, but still gets us every time we see it. It shows an instructor’s negligent discharge, captured in all it’s negligence on camera, and reminds us of how we can never forget just how important safety is.

As if the ND wasn’t bad enough, the instructor answers “Yea” after being asked “Did you mean to do that?”

I know. Heat of the moment and he doesn’t want to look like a fool. Still, I’m sure (I hope) that he owned up to this mistake later on.

Unfortunately for this guy, the internet is forever. Mistakes like this don’t go away. For example, after 6 years, they randomly pop up on two gun blogs the same week.

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