[VIDEO] What Sends This Armed Thug Running For His Life? An Armed Citizen (Who Got REAL Lucky)


ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A convenience store owner in Orlando successfully used her personal protection handgun to stop an armed robber in her store. Surveillance video footage corroborates the presence of an armed assailant entering her store and threatening her with a handgun. She retreated behind the counter and when he pursued, she pulled out her .38 special revolver and warned him to leave. He refused and when he advanced, she pulled the trigger.

The bullet didn’t strike the robber but it did act as incentive for him to flee the store, according to the news report filed through the Orlando Sentinel. Police found the bullet lodged in the front of her store and are currently searching for the man in the video.

She managed to potentially save the life of another coworker as well as show that she wasn’t going to be just another victim of this criminal’s violent intentions.

People often times think getting a handgun for personal protection is a good move. It’s a dangerous world out there and if you own or operate in a business that is subject to frequent “visits” from armed criminal elements, a handgun can provide a modicum of personal confidence when dealing with the public. However, a handgun by itself is not an effective tool in stopping the violent theft of your property. You also need to develop a mental awareness and a sense of self-sufficiency so when push comes to shove, you can put rounds on target.

It’s not the bang of the gun or the wave of the barrel that guarantees survival — it’s hitting your target when it matters the most.

That’s why, for concealed carriers, we can’t just be content simply to have and hold a handgun in our daily adventures. We need to make sure we’re ready and prepared to use it should the need arise.

It’s not about killing bad guys, it’s about neutralizing a threat to your life. In this case, not only did this store owner need to protect herself, she also had another coworker in the building with her.

These are things to pause and consider in our daily routines. Don’t let complacency blur your judgment.


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