1 Year With Appendix Carry. Is It Worth The Change?

A little over a year ago, I received the Springfield Hellcat. It quickly became my new carry gun. At the same time, I was interested in giving appendix carry a shot again. I received an all-kydex holster from Vedder Holsters and was on my way.

Over the months, it was comfortable but not perfect. I’m a skinny guy, and the holster was hard against me. It wasn’t until I picked up a foam wedge that things were concrete: I was now a happy appendix carrier.

It’s comfortable walking, driving, and kinda comfortable when bending over. It’s quick to access, and the whole rig has a very slim profile.

For years, I carried around the 5 o’clock position using a hybrid holster. That was nice and comfortable, this appendix carry has proven nice, comfortable and more easily accessible.

I analyzed my draw from both locations and quickly found that it was much quicker to draw from appendix verses the other. It was more natural as well, negating the need to reach back to access the firearm.

So, is it worth the change? For me, absolutely. With any changes, make sure to practice regularly with your new setup and/or new carry location. The goal is to be as proficient as you can be, always.

Much more on all of this later, but I’ve been sold for the better part of a year.

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