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Homeowner Escapes from Duct Tape, Shoots Intruder

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — When an armed duo invaded the home of a couple, they probably thought binding them with duct tape was enough to keep them from fighting back.

They were wrong, and one of them paid for it with his life.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, a man broke free of his duct tape restraints and brought the fight to the bad guys after being bound in his own home, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

When the man broke free of his bonds, he retrieved a firearm and started shooting.

Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Dan McGrath said that he didn’t know how the man did it.

“I’m not sure how he was able to break free, but he was able to retrieve a firearm and shoot the suspect multiple times,” he said according to the Review-Journal.

The homeowner shot both intruders, and one was killed. The woman in the home was shot in the arm, but did not seem to be in serious condition.

The surviving suspect was able to escape, but when police found a man shot in the buttocks at the local hospital, they were fairly confident they found their man.

This is a lesson that can be applied to all of us. If you happen to be caught in a situation where you have lost the initiative, don’t give up. You can still win the fight.

Refuse to be a victim.

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