Armed Citizen Shoots Self Inside Sam’s Club, Because Negligence

YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA — An armed citizen, carrying a firearm while on a trip to a local Sam’s Club store, negligently shot himself while inside the store.

Police are calling the 28-year-old’s injuries non-life threatening.

The identity of the man hasn’t been released, but some social media comments are pointing fingers at a police officer.

If it was in fact an off-duty police officer, that officer needs much more training. If it were an everyday citizen, that citizen needs much more training.

Luckily, no one else was injured during the incident.

This is the second negligent discharge that we’ve covered in the last few days. The last story happened to involve the 6-year-old daughter of a friend of mine, who was just feet away from a negligent discharge caught on camera, where someone took a bullet to the leg as they were walking by.

What led to this ND is anyone’s guess, but we’ll assume that it was a less-than-desirable holster, the use of no holster at all, or he was fiddling with his firearm and something just went wrong.

In any event, it’s negligence, and it should not be tolerated.

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