Man Finds His Stolen Car, Holds Thief At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

St LOUIS, MISSOURI — Some people really love their car. Mr. Tunstall is one of those people. When his Porsche was stolen he didn’t take matters lightly, and went out and searched for his stolen Porsche.

He posted a message on Facebook and within a few hours, a tipster sent a message indicating the vehicle was in an alley in the Baden neighborhood.

Tunstall called St. Louis police, filed a report, and then the officers left the scene. He waited with his car because it had a flat tire and needed a tow. He believes that’s when a man who stole the car had returned.

Tunstall said the man went to a dumpster as if he knew something was there. He said the man pulled the car’s key fob out of the dumpster and then tried to take the car.

Tunstall said he pulled out his own gun and ordered the man to the ground until the police returned.

Via Fox 17

When Mr. Tunstall arrived at the location of his stolen car, he called the police. They filed their report and left. Meanwhile, Mr. Tunstall waited for the tow truck to arrive. That is when things got a little weird.

The thief must have seen people mulling about his newly stolen Porsche and came outside to get it out of there. Mr. Tunstall saw that the thief had hidden the keys in the dumpster, and came over to drive it away. Our concealed carrying car owner was not going to let that happen.

This is when Mr. Tunstall pulled out his firearm and ordered the man to the ground. This time, when the police came back they did more than just make a report; they made an arrest. The thief was charged with first-degree tampering of a motor vehicle.

Tunstall would later go on to say that he spared the mans life, and hopes that the thief learned a lesson. I’m not sure that what Tunstall did constitutes saving a life, as murdering someone who stole your car would actually be a crime. Nonetheless, we are happy this armed citizen was proactive and was not only able to get his car back, but also catch the bad guy.

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