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Delivery Driver Shot By Armed Robber After He Tries To Run — Pulls His Own Gun And Returns Fire

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — When a pizza delivery driver realized he was sent to an abandoned house, he reported it back to the shop. No sooner than he was off the phone, he had a gun stuck to his head.

According to FOX News, the delivery driver tried to make a run for it but was shot twice. After getting shot, he pulled his own handgun and returned fire — sending the robber running. He then drove himself to the hospital where he received care for his gunshot wounds.

Being a pizza delivery driver in a major metropolitan area has to be a tense job. Not only are we seeing a major trend of thugs calling these guys out into the middle of rough areas, they’re often faced with the impossible: armed criminals with firearms drawn and already pointed at them.

As hard as it is to say, that’s all the more reason to fight back. Thugs target pizza delivery drivers because they see them as expendable. They carry cash and food and get sent to all sorts of sketchy areas. Right up alongside convenience store clerks, pizza delivery drivers have one of the most highly targeted jobs.

The fact that he fought back may be why he survived. An armed robber that has already put rounds down range on target isn’t really inclined to back off. As far as the bad guy is concerned, he just bagged his buck and he’s going to collect the trophy.

Well, there’s one problem. Not every law-abiding citizen wants to be a victim. There’s no guarantees anyone gets out without injuries but at least we have the option of fighting back.

Philadelphia police still haven’t located the armed robber responsible for the crime but they’re hoping camera footage in the nearby area can help identify him. The gun recovered at the scene has been identified as the pizza delivery driver’s gun. He likely dropped it in the ensuing fight. As he drove himself to the hospital, all I have to say is I’m glad he made it out alright.

Concealed carry is an everyday practice. It’s not just for pizza delivery drivers, store clerks, and those in high traffic industries. We all need to be carrying concealed. Only when bad guys legitimately have to fear for their lives do we stand a shot at having a decent society.

We’ll be praying for a swift recovery for this delivery driver and hope that all those out there, working the hard jobs where bad guys love to try their luck will strongly consider carrying a handgun every single day, everywhere you legally can.

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