Proposal To Allow Guns On School Property In Wisconsin

The gun rights group ‘Wisconsin Carry’ is working on a proposal to legalize guns on Wisconsin school properties. Like most states in the country, people are not permitted to carry firearms on school grounds. In fact, it’s a felony to carry a gun on school grounds in the state of Wisconsin. President and Chairman of the group Wisconsin Carry, Nik Clark, says,

“I don’t think that’s fair to conceal carry license holders. I don’t think it makes sense to have people loading and unloading guns just outside of schools.”

If passed, the proposal would not allow guns inside the buildings on school grounds, only outside on the school grounds.

Chloe Perlis is a parent, and she shares her reaction to the proposal on a local news station when asked how she felt about the proposal.

“I’m actually not in favor of it. I think that the people who have guns are law enforcement. Again, the more guns, the more violence. It increases the risk of people getting hurt.”

However, there are both supporters and opponents to the proposal.  Maria Pape-Thompson is a teacher and she is in favor of allowing guns on school property. She writes on the Facebook page:

“Teachers/parents/staff have the right to defend themselves. I am a teacher with her concealed carry. I want the right to protect my students and myself in this crazy world we live in.”

With most legislation, it’s likely to go back and forth for some time. We’ll be keeping an eye on any developments.

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