Man Shoots Dog At NH Rest Stop After His Dog Comes Under Attack


HOOKSETT, NH — As a concealed carrier who does a fair bit of traveling, few things are less fun than a rest stop. Although some of them are well-surveilled, some aren’t, and the constant arrival and departure of travelers means that maintaining the situational awareness every carrier has to have takes an effort that is far above average.

Even more frustrating, there is more to maintaining that awareness than just the human traffic — animals need to get out and do their business and stretch their legs, too.

Sometimes, those animals don’t get along, as one concealed carrier found out the hard way.

The Boston Globe reports that a man taking a break at a rest stop in New Hampshire was walking his small dog when a large, aggressive dog in another vehicle noticed the small dog and leapt out the vehicle to assail it.

The big dog clamped on to the little dog and stayed there.

The owner was mortified, and did all that he thought to do to free his dog without killing the larger dog. However, it did not seem that anything the owner was doing was going to work, and his pet’s life was in jeopardy.

So, to save his animal’s life, he shot the large dog and killed it.

There are two things that would have completely prevented this situation, and neither of them are the owner’s fault, here.

  1. The owner of the large dog could have ensured that his/her large, obviously aggressive, animal was properly restrained for such a high-traffic area.
  2. The owner could have been paying attention enough to come and resolve the violence his/herself.

Since this is a rest stop, it’s reasonably fair to assume the owner was likely stretching, relieving his/herself, etc., but if that is the case, refer back to #1.

What a shame.

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