Federal Agent Injured After Gun Reportedly Goes Off Inside Holster

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — A federal agent who was injured by a gunshot while in a downtown garage last fall has told investigators that his hands were full when his firearm accidentally discharged and hit his leg while it was holstered, according to police reports obtained by 12 News.

The reports include statements from the injured agent and the officers and detective who witnessed the November 29th shooting inside a building near 8th and Michigan in downtown Milwaukee.

The agent, whose name is not revealed in the documents, said that he and other agents and officers had just returned to the building after serving a search warrant earlier that morning, he was getting out of his vehicle just before the gunshot.

The agent’s gun was identified as an agency-issued Sig Sauer P320, which has been at the center of several lawsuits where officers and agents claim that the weapon fired without the trigger being pulled.

The incident has sparked concerns and a review of the use of the controversial holster and gun by federal agents.

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