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Another Carjacking Averted By Gun Owner — Another Lesson To Bad Guys Looking For Easy Prey

ANTIOCH, TENNESSEE — Three would-be carjackers wearing bandannas approached a man in his car just outside Nashville. When one of the suspects opened the car door, the man took out his gun and fired a round. The three suspects fled the scene, one reportedly turning back to fire a single shot in response.

Nashville Metro police investigated the area with K-9s but according to the latest news from the Antioch Patch, no leads were developed from the investigation. The man didn’t know the three people attempting to rob him and he was uninjured in the exchange of gunfire.

This is a situation that could have turned out very poorly for that driver had he not been armed. Those three men posed a significant risk to his life. Thankfully, he was able to defend himself.

That’s the advantage of carrying a handgun every day. If you’re the target of a carjacking, you have the opportunity to defend yourself. Fighting three men, at least one of whom was armed, would have been a losing fight from the get-go. With a gun, he stood a chance.

Everyday carry and everyday concealed carry — these are just two simple options that can make your day all the more safer. Depending upon where you live and what you prefer, you should always find a way to legally and responsibly carry a handgun.

If there’s one thing we’ve demonstrated in the hundreds of articles we’ve written about violent crimes prevented by law-abiding gun owners, it’s that a violent crime can happen anywhere and for any reason. There doesn’t need to be some grand motive or thought-out plan. In fact, it seems a lot of these bad guys take a pretty random approach to picking their next victim.

Gun owners aren’t victims so long as they’ve prepared themselves to use that gun and they maintain situational awareness. These bad guys outside Nashville just learned a valuable lesson when picking their next victim.

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