[REVIEW] Blue Alpha Gear Came Out With An SR Buckle 1.5″ EDC Belt And It’s Kinda A Big Deal


Blue Alpha Gear is a pretty new company in the gun world, but their Side Release buckle everyday carry belt is making a big impact for gun owners. This is a company that’s just emerged onto the market and they’re already making waves with their holsters.

One of the things we love about the firearms industry is it inspires the absolute best in small business. Companies like Blue Alpha Gear identify a need in the gun owning community and create a product specifically tailored to take care of that need.

The SR buckle 1.5″ EDC belt solves the problem of creating an everyday gun belt that I can wear at work, that’s fray-resistant, extremely durable, and has a quick release buckle attached to it.

Best of all? It’s made right here in the United States. I really loved that.

This belt buckle style is very useful. Made out of high-density polymer, this is the sort of buckle we’d expect to see on military grade gear. It detaches quickly but holds fast when you need it to.

blue alpha gear SR buckle long view

Set up at a 1.5″ width, it’s perfect for fitting through the narrow constraints of most regular trousers — from dress slacks to jeans. While there are plenty of gun owners who demand a larger width of 1.75″, for most trousers, 1.5″ is perfect. At 1.5″ in width, the Blue Alpha Gear’s EDC belt fits comfortable through the loops and is rugged enough to keep the lower back supported.

But where the heck did Blue Alpha Gear come from? This is a company we hadn’t heard much about. We heard about them first because of the recommendation of some of our readers and through comments made in the various concealed carry communities.

At Concealed Nation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Blue Alpha Gear’s owner, Kurt Sills, and picking his brain about what inspired him and his guys to make a custom-to-order belt and holster company.

“It started with us looking for what we wanted in a gun belt and not seeing it. So, we got a sewing machine and just started practicing on anything we could find. Before long, we were producing some top quality belts that met and exceeded our requirements,” Kurt said.

“Once our first belts got out there, a big problem was keeping up with demand. Each belt is made custom to order in the United States. Now, we’re getting used to the high volume but we feel we still give each customer that individual attention he deserves.”

When I asked about how the higher demand has affected quality, Kurt seemed pretty dedicated to his core values.

“We pride ourselves on high quality and a fast turnaround at a price that can’t be beat.”

The Side Release buckle on Blue Alpha Gear’s 1.5″ EDC belt comes in at around $30 with shipping. So, for $30, any gun owner can have a belt that will last him an incredible amount of time and maintain its durability no matter what he chooses to put in his holster.

I got to test out the SR buckle and my initial reservations mostly related to the fact that it’s a polymer buckle. What I really liked about it was that it was a belt I could wear just about any day, for any occasion. The heavy stitched material had a good, sturdy feel to it and looked like it could take some punishment without breaking.

blue alpha gear EDC belt

It’s the same heavy woven material I’d expect to find in military grade webbing, but tougher and more resistant to fraying. I found it fits easily and comfortably through the belt loops of my trousers and is extremely adjustable.

The adjustable nature of this Blue Alpha EDC belt is amazing. The belt has a velcro strip which lets me easily expand or contract the belt to accommodate a bigger gun in the waistband. This really deviates from the norm in the gun belt market where the consumer sometimes gets pegged into only getting one size and having to squeeze to fit in other handguns.

Overall? For $30 with free shipping, I got a gun belt that fits great and feels extremely reliable. The Blue Alpha Gear SR EDC belt can accommodate any gun I choose to carry and roll with the punches. We look forward to seeing more exciting stuff out of Blue Alpha Gear in the future as they come up with gun products done right and made right here in the United States.


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