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Trespasser Is Shot By Homeowner After Assaulting Man On Property


EMERALD TOWNSHIP-PAULDING COUNTY, OHIO – A man was shot by a homeowner after the man trespassed on the homeowners’ property and assaulted another man. Paulding County Deputies responded to the trespassing and shooting around 7:47 am on August 13th at an address on RD 232 in Cecil.

During the course of investigation, deputies learned that Kurtis Puckett, 28, was found trespassing on the property of Judd Spencer. A confrontation occurred between Puckett and the 52-year-old Spencer. In the confrontation, Puckett assaulted Spencer’s friend, 37-year-old James Weaver. Spencer told Puckett several times to stop as Puckett assaulted Weaver. Puckett then turned his attention towards Spencer, who warned Puckett that he would shoot him if he didn’t stop. Puckett continued to advance on Spencer, who, while retreating, fired one shot at Puckett. Puckett was struck in the hip.

Paulding EMS and Fire also responded to the shooting and Puckett was airlifted to Fort Wayne Hospital. He was treated and released.

“Investigator’s believe Mr. Puckett was under the influence of illegal drugs,” said Sheriff Jason K. Landers. “The property owner and his friend were presented with a stranger acting erratically and the man eventually became violent by physically assaulting someone. I don’t want to see people being shot, but I wholeheartedly believe people have a right to protect themselves and their property, and in this case, it appears to be a justified self defense situation. My investigator’s will continue to process the evidence in this case and work with the Prosecutor to determine if any further criminal charges are warranted,” said Sheriff Landers. 

An arrest warrant for assault and trespassing was in the process of being obtained by the Sheriff’s Office for Puckett. Puckett is still currently at large upon his release from the hospital.

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