Home Intruder Learns Too Late That Occupants Of California Home Are Armed


ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA — Antioch police arrived at a residence to find a 21-year-old male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. According to a call to emergency services at 11:55 p.m., he was suspected of violently breaking into the home. Thankfully, one of the occupants was armed and shot the intruder multiple times.

Antioch police reported to East County Today that the suspect died on the scene. No charges have been filed against the occupant who shot the intruder but the investigation is under preliminary investigation.

Even in rural California, law enforcement understands the need to protect one’s self inside one’s own home. Whether it’s an apartment, a rented room in a house, or the house itself, every person that has a legal right to own a gun has the right to defend himself with it while in his own home. With the exception of Massachusetts, which weirdly alleges that force must be met proportionally, every other state in the Union acknowledges that inherent, natural right to self defense.

The best thing you can do if you’re stuck in that situation is to evade, barricade, communicate with authorities, arm up, and defend yourself if need be. That order can jumble around depending upon the circumstances but the two basic premises are this: if you’re going to defend yourself in your own home, you need a gun in-hand.

Contacting police when you get that first suspicion of a break-in can help them understand what they’re walking into. If the break-in ends, for whatever reason, and the culprits decide to beat feet before entering the premises, stay on the line with police and help them apprehend the bad guys. Do not pursue out of the house. Do not expose yourself to danger by pursuing bad guys. If they fall down due to injuries inflicted, you don’t have to endanger yourself by administering first aid. Just keep them stable and at gunpoint until authorities arrive.

Stay safe. Keep that gun close. It doesn’t matter if you live in California or Ohio, your life matters and you deserve to be safe inside your own home.


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