Would-Be Intruder Turned to Swiss Cheese by Armed Homeowner


HOUSTON, TX — A man trying to gain access to a Houston home found himself not only encountering resistance, but a homeowner more than willing to pour fire on him until he ceased to be a threat.

He got perforated more than one time. As NewsFix reports:

Investigators said the suspect tried to kick down the front door of a home on Anice Street near Ponder Lane around 6:30 p.m. However, the homeowner grabbed his gun and fired at the suspect several times. The suspect ran off and the homeowner called police.

About an hour later, the suspect was found at a nearby hospital, where officials called the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators said the suspect was transported by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center in serious condition.

Police identified the suspect as a 30-year-old man.

It’s unclear in the report whether or not the attacker had successfully opened the door or not, gaining access to the home. If he succeeded, he didn’t make it far inside.

The reason that this matters so much is simple — visibility.

If you are in your home and there’s a bad guy trying to kick in, say, the bathroom door, and there are multiple interior walls between you and any way the round could go outside, you might be able to use your given firearm’s penetration capability (entirely dependent upon your choice for a home security weapon) to neutralize the threat.

If you just shoot through a front door blindly and you live in a populated area, there’s a real danger of collateral damage.

It sounds like you need to do far more thinking than you actually need to. At all times, just remember one of the golden rules of firearm safety: know your target, and know what’s behind it.

If you can settle those questions, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

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