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Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots, Kills Armed Teen During Robbery Attempt

DALLAS, TEXAS — Days before this incident, another food delivery driver in Dallas was shot multiple times while making a delivery. Certainly, this must have been on this driver’s mind. If anything were to happen, he was going to be ready with his own firearm.

According to police, two 15-year-old suspects allegedly tried to rob the Papa John’s pizza delivery driver at gunpoint, but the driver had a gun and shot at them to fend them off. Police said he was licensed to carry.

Police said two of the suspects were shot and that one of them died from his injuries. The other was treated at the hospital.

The surviving suspect was taken into custody and charged with aggravated robbery. His identity was not released.

Police said the driver was not injured and that he was released after detectives interviewed him and witnesses.


The report states that the driver was a legally licensed to carry a firearm. As of right now, no charges are pending against the driver. Police are considering this a defensive shooting.

As the report states, the driver was actually facing two assailants; both teens. The driver attempted to make a delivery at the late hour of 10pm. He was then approached by the two teens and had a gun drawn on him. At this point, the driver could have handed over whatever money he had. Would they let him walk away alive afterwards? That was the choice the driver had to make

Ultimately, the driver decided to defend himself. He drew his own weapon and fired at the two teens. He managed to land hits on both of them. One of the teens died of his wounds, while the other was taken to the hospital and treated.

These two teens made the decision to act in a violent way, and ultimately paid the price for it. Kudos to the driver for being prepared, and ready to defend himself with a gun.

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