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WATCH: Armed Citizen Saves His Life By Carrying His Gun And Paying Attention

A guy is minding his own business and filling up his car tires with air when a vehicle pulls up behind him. Inside are 4 armed guys looking for trouble during a night of robberies, including the stolen vehicle that go them to this location.

As one robber gets out and pretends to tie his shoe, another gets out and starts approaching the armed citizen, who is already alert and paying attention to what is happening.

Before they can get too close, the armed citizen draws his gun and takes cover behind the front of his vehicle, firing shots at the 4 suspects. They return fire, at least a few shots, until eventually they all run off and leave their stolen car behind.

After the armed citizen fired his first round of shots, and possibly no more, he took off running down the street, because there’s absolutely no reason to stay with your vehicle unless someone else is in it that you need to take care of.

Paying attention, carrying a firearm, and being alert are parts of what saved this man’s life, and his taking off down the street after the confrontation was a great way to get that distance.

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