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Intruder Fatally Shot In Missouri Home Invasion

BELGRADE, MISSOURI — An old man with a gun taught a group of thugs in Belgrade, Missouri – a township about 90 miles south of St Louis with a property crime rate that is 83% higher than the national average –  that not all old people are potential victims.

When the resident of the home sat down in his dining room for a quiet lunch, with his pistol on the table, he looked through the window to see a truck pull up into his yard abnormally close to the house. When he went to the door to investigate, the thug and two other suspects started hitting and kicking the front door.

The resident ran back to the table, retrieved his firearm, and fired one shot through a window on the partially-opened metal door.

He didn’t see the intruder fall. But he did see the two accomplices get in the truck and escape.

The resident called a friend, who called 911.

Washington County Sheriff’s Department Captain Zach Jacobsen said that when he arrived on the scene, they found a “white male in his 30s” on the front porch, “deceased with a gunshot wound to the head … an aluminum baseball bat near the man’s body and he was wearing gloves.”

No charges are expected to be filed against the resident because, as Jacobson added, the resident was “in the house … trying to defend himself.”

Though the Sheriff’s office did not believe the community was in danger, the local school was notified and placed on lock-down as a precautionary measure.

They are also confident that they know who the accomplices are and that they will soon be apprehended.

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