Meet the Punt Gun [WATCH]

Meet the punt gun.

When you have a lot of clays to slay, or a lot of birds that just gotta go down, this is the firearm for you, my friend.

These firearms were developed for one, awesome purpose: hunting a whole lot of birds, all at once. We’re not just talking about shooting enough fowl to feed you and your loved ones — this is a one-stop go-to-market gun — these birds would either feed a large company of people (some couch potato warriors have claimed that these were employed by the military — to which I say “Awesome!”) or be taken to market to save others the bother of having to hunt themselves.

Oh yeah, and they’re massive. The one in the video below is a 2-gauge.

Check out this video, posted in 2012 by Field & Stream:

And this one, shared by Gun Hub Friday:

Anyone else want one?

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