Armed Neighbor Ends Attack On Woman By Stopping The Threat


GARNER, NORTH CAROLINA — A neighbor witnessed a man brutally stabbing and assaulting a woman outside her home, so he got his gun and opened fire on the man.

According to Garner police, the neighbor witnessed the attack occur at 7 a.m. WNCN CBS North Carolina reported that the man assaulting the victim was identified as Randolph Maurice Davidson, 32. He was hit multiple times and fled back inside the apartment, where he later died.

Authorities believe the fight began inside the apartment between the 26-year-old tenant and Davidson, but quickly escalated outside when she fled the apartment. She had been stabbed multiple times and required life-saving surgery. She is expected to recover.

The man who came to her rescue has not been identified because police believe he acted in defense of the victim.

“A nearby resident …. heard the screaming and yelling from the assault and came outside his apartment to investigate,” police said. “Upon observing Davidson assaulting (the woman), he fired several rounds from his personal handgun, striking Davidson several times. Davidson then ran back into the apartment where police later found him.”

The neighbor likely woke up and ate his breakfast like anyone else. It just so happened to be this day that he would see a defenseless person outside his home, being stabbed repeatedly by a violent man. He decided that he wasn’t going to just stand there and watch. He was going to be an active participant in saving the life of an unarmed woman.

That takes courage.

Thankfully, he had the right tool for the job. He managed to fire multiple shots that neutralized the attacker. The attacker was mortally wounded but still managed to flee for a limited distance before succumbing to his injuries.

What on earth possessed this man to stab another person in broad daylight? Did he think that no one would stand up to him? What type of world is that?

There’s a fine line between being a Good Samaritan and getting involved in other people’s affairs. Domestic violence is no where near that fine line. When someone is being violently attacked and their life is in mortal danger, we all have a choice as gunowners. We can step in and protect that person or we can seek shelter and report to the police. We can also flee. That’s a choice. Anyone has that choice.

It’s always great to see neighbors and community members stepping up to defend each other. This makes us all stronger. When violent people have to fear law-abiding citizens, we won. Let’s work together to make our communities and neighborhoods safer places to live and defend each other to the best of our abilities. It’s worth it.

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