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Bank Robber And Customer Exchange Gunfire

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH — An attempted armed bank robbery in Ohio went very badly for the crooks when it was revealed that one of the customers was armed with his concealed defensive tool.

WCPO reports that an armed robber, dressed all in dark clothing, came into the bank and demanded money.

A legally-armed customer wasn’t about to let some criminal threaten the lives of everyone in the bank.

The two parties exchanged fire, and no innocents were hurt, including other customers and employees.

WCPO reports that it was unclear whether or not the robber was injured during the shootout — either way, he escaped.

“It would seem maybe they had a getaway plan — maybe a vehicle somewhere else,” Jim Love, Colerain Police Department spokesman, said. “We are not real sure, but it doesn’t look like we can find them right now.”

Fortunately for this responsibly-armed citizen, where he banks he is legally allowed to carry in the bank, and thank goodness.

In an odd way, I’m more than a little jealous of the customer, here.

My bank does not permit the carrying of “weapons” of any sort on the premises, and if this exact situation had happened to me, I would have had very little to do other than cower in the corner and pray.

Maybe they’ll change their minds someday.

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