College Instructor Starts Firestorm For Segregating Concealed Carriers In Her Class

The University of Utah was thrown into the Second Amendment spotlight after an instructor decided to erect a “Second Amendment zone” in her room where all concealed carriers would be forced to stand without a desk and publicly shamed, Townhall reports.

Both the State of Utah and the University of Utah allow concealed carry on campus as long as they have the license to do so, according to Townhall. Generic anti-gunner academic disagreed. Outrage ensued.

Take a look at the “weapons policy” reportedly put into her syllabus according to Townhall:

Concealed carry is protected under your second amendment rights! However, because the University of Utah reserves the right to restrict elements of the first amendment on campus to specifically sanctioned ‘free speech zones’ I am reserving the right to restrict elements of the second amendment in my own classroom.

If you feel that it is somehow at all appropriate to bring a gun to class (hint: it is not—this is absurd, antisocial, and frightening behavior), you are restricted to spending your time in class in my “second amendment zone” a 3×3 taped square on the floor in the very back of the classroom, that will be shared with all other gun carriers. This zone also does not include a desk, because desks are reserved for students who respect the personal and psychological safety of their classmates and instructor.

Utah State Rep. Karianne Lisonbee eventually caught wind of this little stunt and was, understandably, ticked off. In a note posted to her personal Facebook page, she said:

I am livid. A University of Utah Professor doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights and University policy on free speech – which is disturbing enough. But even more egregious, she is seeking to break state law and deprive students of their rights. Please share.

With no disrespect to Rep. Lisonbee, it’s worth pointing out that this was not actually the work of a University of Utah professor. It’s the work of a snot-nosed TA who got too big for their britches.

Nevertheless, the outrage spread wide, and spread quickly.

The university didn’t take long to react. Representative Lisonbee recently shared an update to the crisis in miniature that was much more favorable to the Second Amendment: it turns out a jerk can’t violate university policy and state law because they feel so inclined.

Update: Great news! I have been assured that this teacher has been reprimanded for publishing a syllabus against University policy. She was asked and has issued an apology to her students. Her syllabus has been retracted by the University and they are committed to making sure that she receives proper training. Thank you to the University and to the brave students who raised this issue. The price of liberty is constant vigilance. Please share!

It gets even better than that, actually. The instructor, who was a graduate TA who — I guess — is just now learning the hard way that you can’t have literally everything you want all the time, has been reprimanded as noted above, and has been removed from all teaching this semester.

Serves her right. A University spokesman made the following statement, according to Townhall:

University of Utah officials recently learned that a graduate teaching assistant included a statement in an undergraduate course syllabus that violated both state law and university policy. The statement has been removed from the syllabus and students in the class have been alerted to the error.

The graduate student instructor has apologized and has received additional training about the university’s policies and will not teach this semester and will instead have other assignments.

The approval of course syllabuses is handled by individual departments, and syllabuses are expected to comply with all university policies.

This is insane! Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and spread the news!

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