Detroit Security Guard Kills Thief After He Pins Her With His Car


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A security guard fatally shot a thief who rammed her with his car. The security guard confronted a man who was believed to have stolen items from vehicles outside a department store. When she asked him to return the items, he jumped into his vehicle and put it into drive. She was possibly pinned between the vehicle and her own car door.

According to FOX 2 Detroit News, the suspect was fatally shot after attempting to crush her with his vehicle. She had her firearm drawn during the encounter and was able to place a bullet in him to prevent serious injury or even death to herself.

“She exited her vehicle, she was carrying a firearm as a security officer and she approached him obviously her firearm was drawn. She asked him to return the property. The information is that he tried to evade her, placing his vehicle in drive, striking her vehicle, possibly catching her in between the door. The weapon discharged, the victim was fatally struck,” said Capt. Mark Thornton of the Detroit police.

Thankfully, this security guard was armed. Security guards are private citizens contracted to provide security for companies, individuals, businesses, and properties. In Detroit, that service is increasingly needed more and more. Most security guards don’t make a lot of money but are tasked in the unenviable position of confronting hardened criminals.

This security guard was taken into custody by Detroit police but is cooperating with their investigation.

It’s better to be taken into custody than to be permanently incapacitated or killed because a criminal thinks real life is like GTA V.

Hopefully, she will be released and that department store better give her a raise.

Prior to the incident itself, Detroit police were alerted to reports of a man breaking into people’s vehicles outside the store. They are believed to have been en route to the location prior to the security guard firing upon the man.

The problem is: how long before they arrive?

If she had not been armed and had confronted that criminal and he had decided to take a similar course of action, she would have stood precisely zero chance of coming out of that situation with her life and health intact.

That’s why we advocate for responsible concealed carry. We need more law-abiding citizens out there protecting themselves. It can take the police minutes to arrive and by that point, you may no longer need their services. We’d rather it be because the person trying to seriously hurt or kill you is neutralized.

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