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Armed Clerk Ruins Plans Of 2 Robbers With His Trusty Gun, Shooting 1 And Sending The Other Running

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANNA — An incident that took place in the early hours of the morning on Canal Street, New Orleans, is currently under investigation by the NOPD. The preliminary report suggests a foiled armed robbery in which a store clerk successfully defended against the assailants.

According to spokesperson Aaron Looney, initial assessments indicate that a male, suffering from a gunshot wound to the hand, was found at the scene. As the inquiry progressed, it was learned that this individual was in fact one of the suspects involved in the robbery attempt.

The confrontation occurred when two individuals invaded a business premises. During the confrontation, the store clerk retaliated using a firearm, resulting in one suspect sustaining injuries. This suspect has since been hospitalized, while his accomplice managed to evade capture, fleeing from the scene.

The incident, which was reported just before 2:00 am, remains under investigation by the local authorities.

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