Church Beefs Up Security By Allowing Congregation To Carry Concealed

BRISTON, TENNESSEE — A man who has been a pastor for 30 years, Mike Eklund, is stepping up security at his church after noticing an uptick in crime around their area. The beginning stages of heightening security has begun.

In addition to locks and cameras, they’re doing more to ensure the protection of everyone in the building.

“In our auditorium, we have people sitting in different places around to make sure the doors are covered, in case somebody comes through or something suspicious takes place,” Eklund said. “They’re not a police force. They’re just eyes to keep their eyes open and to make sure that we are safe.”

In addition to this, Eklund and the church now allow members of the congregation to carry a firearm — with permission.

“They have to register with our church office and be approved by our security team,” Eklund said.

It’s a step in the right direction, but I can’t help but ask; Why not just let any members of the congregation carry? After all if someone is going to be there and they typically carry anyway, why not just let them, without the need to be approved by the church?

Maybe I’m being too picky. Or am I? In the end; their church, their rules.

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