NJ Man Gunned Down In Broad Daylight After Suspects Waited For Him To Exit Store


NEWARK, NEW JERSEY — In a targeted shooting and murder, police say the suspects waited for their victim to exit a store and return to this vehicle. That’s when cameras captured the men jumping out of a waiting vehicle and open fire.

The victim was an up-and-coming rapper from the area, one of many recent murders of rappers that we’ve seen in the news.

The 29-year-old Tripple Beanz, whose real name was Corey Thompson, was shot dead on the 300 block of Avon Avenue in New Jersey’s largest city just before 1 p.m. Friday, according to local and county authorities.

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The shooting was captured on surveillance video and is graphic in nature. It clearly shows Thompson being fired upon and then collapsing on the street. The suspects then get back into the vehicle and take off.

Something that longtime reader Ned pointed out; the suspect to the left was repeatedly racking the slide of his firearm after each shot. I didn’t pick up on that initially, but it was interesting to see. Malfunctions? Suspect not understanding how the firearm worked?

DFG Recording Studio released a statement via Instagram, mourning the loss and saying that Thompson was trying to “change his life around.”

It’s always strange to think, while seeing a video like this, that the man was going about his daily activities, not knowing that it would be his last day. It’s a reminder of many things, such as being good in life, maintaining situational awareness, and having a plan if two people come at us with guns.

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