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Roommate Shoots And Kills Home Invasion Suspect

EVERETT, WASHINGTON — It’s unclear what the armed robbers were targeting when they broke into a multi-tenant apartment, but one thing is for sure: one of them won’t be returning. Two robbers armed with pepper spray broke in at approximately 4:45 am and demanded money and other items from folks in the living room. A roommate heard the disturbance, determined it was an armed robbery, and used his handgun to neutralize one of the robbers. The other robber fled the scene.

According to the Seattle Times, the robber who was shot died at the scene. Everett is located near Seattle and the Sheriff’s Department is investigating as to if the robbers were targeting anyone specifically.

No other tenants of the apartment were harmed and the roommate who shot the robber was not arrested.

The Sheriff’s Department has also notified nearby hospitals should anyone show up with gunshot wounds. Generally, showing up at any medical center with gunshot wounds will solicit some investigation from law enforcement.

The other robber has not been apprehended at this time and is still believed to be at large.

This shines a light on a situation many concealed carriers and gun owners have to contend with: roommates. With the cost of living in areas like Seattle skyrocketing in recent years, having roommates is sometimes the only cost-affordable solution.

With roommates, there is always the chance that complicated scenarios will arise.

The last thing we care about, as gun owners, is why an armed robber decides 4:45 am is the perfect time to pull of a heist. It’s quite clearly not our problem. Our problem is a direct, violent threat against our life and property.

This roommate did the right thing. He used sound judgment to determine this was a threatening situation that warranted the use of deadly force. He executed that deadly force with a good deal of precision considering the circumstances.

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