[CCW IN ACTION] Woman With Gun Stops Intruder Trying To Break Into Uncle’s Home


MARIES COUNTY, MISSOURI — The niece of a homeowner stopped by his house to see if the property was alright while he was at the veteran’s hospital. She discovered a man trying to break in through a window and held him at gunpoint. In order to call the police, she had to retreat to a safe distance and the suspect escaped.

Police arrived on the scene and the woman produced her concealed carry permit as well as a rough description of the suspect, according to KRCG 13 News.

This is a situation concealed carriers may be placed into. Checking up on the homes and welfare of relatives’ property, it’s possible for a concealed carrier to discover the home is getting burglarized.

Criminals wait to prey on those who cannot defend their property and then pounce on the opportunity. Being available to stop that crime in action is important — but never assume the criminal is unarmed.

This woman didn’t take any chances. Fearing for her own safety, she made sure to get some distance before contacting authorities. There’s no need to put one’s own life at risk while attempting to stop a crime in progress.

Now this criminal knows that this veteran’s home isn’t easy prey, ripe for the picking.

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