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[VIDEO] Firearm Review: IWI Masada 9S Slim ORP

The Masada Slim is a polymer frame 9mm pistol with double stack 13 round magazines. I consider it a slightly larger subcompact handgun because the barrel length is 3.4” and the grip offers solid three finger contact. Somehow, IWI was able to manage 13 rounds in a very thin or “slim” grip width. Overall, the body of the pistol is “Slim” hence the name. That is nice however that is not where the pistol shines. Firing the Masada 9S gave me the feeling and accuracy similar to the full-size Masada. Honestly, I really loved it. The reflex optic, ergonomics, trigger, recoil impulse and capacity makes the Masada Slim an ideal concealed carry pistol.

While some might complain that the IWI Masada doesn’t have enough holster support yet, one of our favorite holster companies, KSG Armory does make their flagship Lexington holster for this gun. Check it out here.

Masada 9S Features

As mentioned, the grip offers firm three finger contact and the texturing resembles a light grit sandpaper. The reversible magazine release triangular button creates a natural thumb reach that prevents the shooter from changing the grip angle when dropping the magazine. IWI includes two 13 round magazines and 10 round mags are available for “less free” states that require that. IWI uses the same iron sights we see on the full-size Masada. They are a little taller that allows the shooter to co-witness their sight picture when using a reflex optic. The rear sight is serrated black with a pinned front sight. The slide has both forward and rear serrations for those who use press checks. The Masada 9S is also modular. By simply removing the upper slide assembly and punching out two roll pins, the trigger chassis can be removed for in depth cleaning. 


The Masada Slim utilizes a flat face trigger with a bar safety. When pulling the trigger, there is a distinct wall, before the break. Pulling just a bit further the trigger will break at 5.5 pounds. I feel the trigger weight is ideal for CCW. The trigger reset is impressive. It is very short. I found the trigger system along with the slightly heavier recoil spring created very little muzzle rise when shooting. This establishes quicker target acquisition and transitioning when running iron plate targets. If you watch the included video, you will notice the Masada Slim hardly moves when shooting. Perhaps, that is the greatest benefit of the pistol.

What optic is Installed? 

The Masada Slim ORP “optic ready pistol” is suited for a Shield RMSc optic footprint. I installed a Holosun EPS Carry “enclosed pistol sight” 2 MOA green dot. The EPS Carry reflex emitter is enclosed in the body of the optic which prevents any obstruction from debris that may find its way into open optics. The green dot appears with its “shake awake” capability and it offers three separate reticles to choose from. The EPS Carry is solar powered with a 1620 battery. It also utilizes a side battery tray which simplifies swapping the battery without the need to resight the optic. The EPS Carry has 12 brightness settings and the green dot, which I have come to love, appears extremely clear. The pistol/optic pair was amazing at the range and I highly recommend the Masada Slim/Holosun EPS Carry combination. 


Disassembling the Masada 9S is simple and requires no tools. Begin by locking the slide back and pushing the lever on the left side forward to expose a pin. Then release the slide to rest position. Pull the slide back a quarter of an inch to align the cut out with the pin. I remove the pin with my finger nail as it should easily pull out. At that point, the slide will be removed from the frame without the need to pull the trigger. To reassemble, perform the same steps in reverse order. 

Range Time

I put around 500 rounds through the Masada Slim without any problems to speak of. The majority of the ammo I used were store purchased reloads. The Masada Slum ate them up like a kid at a candy shop. The control of the pistol was great. Transitioning, reloads and distance were all achievable on command. The accuracy was precise out of the box. As soon as my Holosun EPS Carry was sighted in, the Masada Slim performed like a competition pistol. Ok, that may be stretching it however it did perform on top of it’s class for subcompact double stack 9mm’s. You may notice with the video footage, on average, I was 15 – 18 yards from the targets. I felt in complete control with full confidence as I tagged one target after another. The Masada truly was a joy to shoot at the range.


Model Numbers    M9Slim10, M9Slim13

Caliber    9mm Parabellum

Action    Semi-auto

Operating System    Striker Fired

Magazine Type    IWI Steel

Magazine Capacity     13 Round, 10 Round

Barrel Material    Button Rifled

Barrel Length    3.4″

Weight    1.4 lbs with magazine 

Sights    3 Dot

MSRP    $450


The MSRP for the Masada Slim is $450. That cost hits the budget category when compared to other pistols in the same class. With a quick online search, you may find the Masada Slim for an average price of around $400. I think that’s a great deal for a pistol of this quality. Check out the IWI Masada 9S Slim. I believe you will be impressed.

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