GLOCK Announcing New Firearm Tomorrow, Guesses Range From .22 Caliber to A Rifle With Not Many Clues

When you’re as large and as well-known as GLOCK, any new announcement that starts with “Something Legendary Is Coming” is sure to get the crowd buzzing.

The announcement is set for Tuesday the 10th at 10am EST, and will be broadcast live.

The last time I watched one of these events was for the release of the G42, which definitely was a big deal at the time.

For this release, however, I don’t even have the slightest clue as to what’s coming. Usually, a little somethin’ somethin’ will leak that gives some pretty definitive proof, but it seems that GLOCK has gone above and beyond this time around to keep a tight lid on things.

Just for fun, let’s take a look at some clues.

Frist, all of the promo photos they have released are outdoors, with a person carrying a backpack. Well, except the first one.

Man standing over nice view of lakes. Doesn’t mean anything to me.

Person walking down hiking trail. Maybe it’s a new handgun?

Woman hiking along the beach. I’m back to not knowing what’s going on.

Man walking through field and mountains. Maybe back to the handgun thought?

But WAIT! Let’s take a closer look at this guy…

Is he carrying a rifle? Could it be the first-ever GLOCK long gun?

Some of their other teasers are using cross-hairs. Coincidence?

TTAG also points out that a page has been created on the GLOCK website for the G44, but it’s just a blank page for now.

Others think that it’s a .22 pistol or revolver, so you can see the spread of guesses is rather large.

Maybe it’s a….

….literally no idea. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out!

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