Real Avid’s New Range Station Keeps Your Gear Organized at the Range

Real Avid comes up with some of the most innovative, imaginative designs for gear that helps shooters to clean, maintain and protect their guns. Check out their Pistol Tool or Carbon Boss tools as two examples.

So we made a point of stopping by their booth at Range Day today to see what they’ve come up with now. Their latest brainstorm is the Range Station portable shooting mat and organizer.

When closed, the thing fits neatly in most range bags.

Open it up and you unroll a 12×24″ cushy mat that protects you guns on the range bench. And when opened, the case is perfect for holding extra magazines, tools and plenty of ammo

Price: $29.99.

And while it’s not new this was the first time we’d seen Real Avid’s Bore Boss up close and personal. It goes up against better known items like Hoppe’s Bore Snake and Otis’s Ripcord and competes very well.

And the Bore Boss will only run you a very reasonable $9.99.

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