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Man Kicks Down Door Of Ex-Girlfriend, Is Shot And Killed By Residents Inside

BEAUMONT, TEXAS — Buck Aubrey, the man who was killed, has a history of family violence. He attempted to continue that violent streak by going after his ex-girlfriend. Even a shut and locked door would not deter him. After kicking down the door to gain entry into her home, things did not go as Buck intended.

A Fannett man with a history of family violence arrests was fatally shot Monday night after allegedly kicking in the door of his ex-girlfriend’s LaBelle home, where he was met by an armed resident.

Aubey was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died two hours later.

Initial investigation indicates that he forced his way into the residence and a disturbance ensued before he was shot. Police declined to say whether or not he had a firearm. However, several other people were in the home at the time of the incident and are all cooperating with the investigation.

Via Beaumont Enterprise

The Breakdown:

From the limited report we have, there are a few things we can piece together. Aubrey was a violent guy, and had several prior arrests to prove that. He apparently had some beef with his ex-girlfriend and decided to go to her house. He did not show up to pay a friendly visit.

When he arrived, he was refused entry into the house. Not to let a door stop him, he kicked it down and forced his way in. Once inside he met other residents of the house who attempted to stop him. An altercation ensued.

When the residents could not get Aubrey to leave or back down, one of the residents shot him. Police and ambulance arrived at the seen shortly after, but Aubrey would die of his wounds several hours later.

The Bad:

Because the police have not released more specific details of the shooting, or who the person was that used the firearm, it is hard to diagnose. The only thing worth asking is, when did they call 911?

Immediately when Aubrey showed up, calling 911 should have been high on their to-do list. His ex-girlfriend must have known his past and his violent personality. Waiting for him to kick down the door and gain entry into the house is too late.

We don’t know when they called the police, but in situations like this its better to call early. Police respond as quickly as they can, but it still takes some time for them to arrive. Even if you are armed with a firearm, it is still best to leave these situations up to the authorities if you can.

The Good:

The good here is that one of the residents protected themselves, the ex-girlfriend, and everyone else in the house. The people in the home tried their best to diffuse and stop things from getting out of hand. Unfortunately, Aubrey would not relent.

Clearly his intentions were violent. Any time someone physically kicks down your door to gain entry, you can safely assume their intentions are not good. Once Aubrey forced entry into the house, and they could not get him to back down, it was clear what needed to be done.

The resident who fired the gun took a stand and decided the threat to all of their lives was very real. I am sure it wasn’t easy making the decision to squeeze the trigger. However, doing so very well may have saved the lives of people in that house.

Police have made no arrests, and are considering this a self defensive situation.

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