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Woman Stops Attack With Gun, Police Take It As Evidence. This Is Why You Should Own More Than One.

MIAMI, FLORIDA — A woman who witnessed a person being attacked on the street had made the decision to intervene, walking up to the assault with firearm in hand.

She fired at least one shot, as heard on video, but only towards the bad guy. It doesn’t seem her intentions were to shoot him, but rather scare him away so that he would stop the attack.

That’s a warning shot, and it’s not a recommended avenue.

Aside from that, the story serves another purpose; Have more than one firearm that you own, and have more than one that you can carry.

Why? Because after she used the firearm to stop the attack, police took it from her as part of their evidence. And if you think this isn’t standard, think again.

Courtesy local10.com

This is to be expected if you ever discharge your firearm in any self-defense situation. If you don’t discharge your firearm, chances are you can hang onto it.

That’s why we’ve always held the same stance; Have more than one firearm that you carry. This holds true for home defense firearms as well.

Take this scenario as an example; you experience a home invasion where you shoot at (or actually shoot) the bad guy. The police come, take your statement and your firearm for evidence. A few days later, that bad guy’s buddies are now out for revenge and come pay you a visit. Do you have another firearm to defend yourself?

It’s happened before, and even if it hasn’t, you’d likely want to be prepared in any case.

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