Business Owner Interrupts Burglary, Police Find Burglar In Hospital

DALLAS, TEXAS — When robbing a person’s store, try picking one where the owner isn’t living right upstairs. That’s probably just one of many thoughts that should have dawned into the minds of any of the four burglars who came under fire after the owner heard them break into his store.

Once shots rang out, all four made a hasty escape taking whatever they could grab up in their hands. For one of the robbers, though, he was lucky to leave the store with his life.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jacolby Tremone McCoy, 29, was dropped off at the hospital by his pals following the incident. He was the unlucky burglar who caught several of the bullets fired by the owner as the owner came downstairs with his gun. Dallas Police are charging McCoy in connection with the crime — so he’ll have a lot to look forward to after his wounds are treated. He is presently listed in critical condition.

In Texas, it’s legal for a business owner to defend himself and his property. Living right upstairs, it wasn’t hard for the owner to hear the sounds of four foolish burglars prying open his store’s front doors. Though they got in, they probably didn’t get much before he was able to respond.

For both homeowners and business owners, defending your property is important. Your life and livelihood depend on your property not getting hauled off by the first set of grabby hands that come along. More importantly, when dealing with multiple robbers, no one wants to be left at their mercy. They’re not there to shoplift a couple of sodas — they’re there to take literally everything not nailed down and leave you with nothing at all.

For McCoy, he probably didn’t put too much thought in it. For his buddies, they probably didn’t put too much thought into dropping him in his critically injured state and splitting up what he carried out with him. But, for that business owner, he has the peace of mind in knowing there will be one less man out there who thinks his livelihood is up for grabs at four in the morning.

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