[VIDEO] Two Men Duke It Out In The Middle Of The Street: Do You Intervene?


In a video released through eBaum’s world, two dudes get into a fight.  One starts the altercation with what looks to be a bat, and the other responds with a pool cue.  This is a situation that plays out in different variations almost every day in the United States and definitely in other parts of the world.  Why?  Because some people are children and most are too irresponsible to know how to act like adults and when they don’t immediately get their way, they resort to being childish and obnoxious.  That’s precisely what this fight is: obnoxious.

As concealed carriers, it’s not our job to intervene in situations like this.  Our personal safety isn’t at risk and these two idiots deserve everything they get for this type of dumb behavior.

On a humanistic note, there’s not a single day that goes by on the road that you won’t encounter a person driving like an idiot or behaving irrationally.  All humans are irrational.  One thing I always try to remind myself when I’m out on the road is if the person is intentional or unintentional.  Some people can be unintentionally dumb and even pose a danger to others with their magnificent degree of bumbling behavior.  Others, for whatever reason, are either passively or overtly imposing their will on others with the assumption the other person or vehicle does not have the means, will, or force to counter.

There’s a name for these people.  We all loudly yell it emphatically when we encounter them.  Shootings have occurred because of these people.  But make absolutely no mistake: these types of situations will never resolve themselves well.  The way of peace is the way of free passage.  When possible, it’s better to let that hostile driver get away from you.  Do not attempt to follow or be followed.  If you are followed, report it to the police.  If you are the person following, you’re in the wrong almost always.

Somehow, on a planet of 7 billion people and a nation of approximately 310 million, we have to learn to survive with each other.  At least until Friday.  As concealed carriers, we are doubly under that obligation to treat others with respect even when those people are unwilling to do the same.  The second it passes over the threshold into a situation you can no longer escape, that is when the law dictates what force is allowable.  Ultimately, it’s a self-defense call.  But there’s that odd behavior where a person claims “self defense” but in all honesty, that person’s emotions were compromised severely and, thus, their logic is off.  Don’t be that person.

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