#DIGTHERIG – Brad and his H&K USP Compact in a JM Custom Kydex Holster


I carry an H&K USP compact in a JM Custom Kydex “OWB 2” holster with 10 degrees of cant, on a 1 1/2” Mitch Rosen belt.

Worn just forward of my strong-side hip-bone it’s about as comfortable as a full-sized pistol gets, and it’s accessible either standing or sitting.

Everything is a compromise. The ten degrees of cant slows the draw down a slight bit, but it also reduces printing. I think 15 degrees of cant might be even better.

I spent a lot of money on holsters before settling on this one.

I like the USP compact with an LEM trigger because it’s simple, accurate, superbly reliable, and because I was professionally trained with it. I still attend at least two or three formal classes per year with it, and its operation is thoroughly ingrained in my muscle memory.

Lots of decent-looking casual shirts these days are designed to be worn untucked. I buy them a little larger than necessary.

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