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Concealed Carrier Chases After Robber — It Worked This Time But Should You Do It?

TIPP CITY, OHIO — During the lunch rush at the Tipp O’ The Town restaurant, Walter Charles Schwytzer, 44, is alleged to have walked up to the counter and handed a note demanding money.  The note, which has been taken in as evidence, also suggested he had a gun.  Bad mistake.  A concealed carrier also in the restaurant quickly acted to apprehend the man.  Schwytzer allegedly took off.  The concealed carrier pursued the suspect and followed him to the back of the restaurant where he held him at gunpoint until Tipp City police arrived.

Police arrived and arrested Schwytzer for one count of aggravated robbery.  According to the Dayton Daily News, Schwytzer was arraigned on the 30th at the Miami County Municipal Court.  His bail was set for $100,000.  Needless to say, he’s not going anywhere for awhile.

The hero of the day just happened to be a concealed carrier.  Let’s hope Tipp O’ The Town at least gave the gent a good meal.

The more serious matter we’d like to discuss is the concept of a concealed carrier pursuing a suspect after the suspect fled.

Police didn’t charge the concealed carrier with any crime so they must have thought what he did was alright.  For the manager and other patrons of the family restaurant, they were probably relieved to know there was someone there to help them.

There’s a lot of really good positive things about this story.

The only thing: pursuing a suspect after he’s fled may jump the limit of self-defense.  More important than that — it’s jeopardizing the good guy’s life.  There’s absolutely no telling what a potentially armed criminal on the run is willing to do.

Outside of the legal hogwash which we continually try to reiterate in these stories is the most important piece — your safety.

As concealed carriers, we all take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and others.  It’s extremely noble that this man would potentially risk his life to stop a felony in progress.  However, if at all possible, stay safe and let the police do the hard work.  Concealed carriers aren’t sworn officers.

What’s your opinion on this situation?  Tell us in the comments section below.

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