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Would You Leave Your Gun With A Dude Parked In A Van? Entrepreneur Proposes Guns Locked Up In Trucks Outside Cardinals Stadium

Crazy or genius?!  One guy in St. Louis is fed up with having to leave his firearm in his vehicle while he attends a Cardinals game — so he proposed one solution to fix the problem.

Well, he’s not getting St. Louis to back down on their “no weapon policy” in the stadium.  That’s going to take a lot more Missourians and it should definitely happen.  No, entrepreneur and van enthusiast Justin Hulsey has proposed a plan to park a van outside the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium and check people’s guns for them as they enter the facility.

via St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Hulsey, 33, said it would allow [gun owners] to remain armed on the walk to and from their cars, accommodate stadium rules against firearms and thwart thieves who break into cars to steal guns. He said he suspects that more cars are being looted since security has been increased at venue entrances to keep weapons out.

According to that same article published through the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Hulsey has met or plans to meet with the mayor, chief of police, and others to discuss the viability of this idea.

Police Chief Sam Dotson issued a statement late Tuesday afternoon saying, “I have not seen a plan nor have I met with anyone to discuss the idea of a gun check van, therefore, I don’t have enough information to assess whether or not this is something I would support.

“However, as I’ve said many times before, more guns are never the answer. We need to get to the root of the problem by focusing on outcomes in the court system that keep our community safe.”


Hulsey looks like he’s in for a long-hill battle.  But that’s nothing new for this Army Reservist with a background in logistics.  He cites his fellow battle buddies from the military are on stand-by to help out the process of checking guns safely and efficiently.

“These are guys with logistics experience who know how to distribute hundreds of weapons in 30 minutes,” Hulsey said. “We want to know how can we, as prior military, make St. Louis safer.”

His heart is definitely in the right place.  Unfortunately, both the NFL and MLB have both been more than hesitant about his requests.  The NFL has a standing “no weapons policy” in all of its facilities — a subject which has come under scrutiny because they still manage to pilfer public funds to build those stadiums and some states have provisions for concealed carry on state-held stadiums and sports facilities.

Hulsey had initially developed the concept when trying to offer a place for people to store their laptops, tablets, and other personal items they didn’t want to keep on them inside stadiums and other venues.

It’s a pretty slick idea if it can be executed properly.

It remains to be seen the legality of this business concept or how it would actually function in reality.  Right now it’s more theory and less practice.

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