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[VIDEO] Perfect Draw From Holster While Seated In Car During Attempted Armed Robbery

These two crooks on a motorcycle thought they had an easy target. How wrong they were.

The intended victim was ready, and maintained eye contact with the bad guy during the entire draw of his firearm. Then, bam.

A few important points to make here with this particular incident:

1) The driver knows the exact location to reach for his firearm without looking. This is where practicing your draw comes into play. He was able to maintain eye contact with the bad guys to watch their every move.

2) The driver also had a round in the chamber ready to go. Had he not, this story would have likely ended badly for him.

3) At the 0:28 mark, the driver uses his dominant hand to unbuckle his seat belt. This leaves him vulnerable as he places his loaded firearm in his other hand, unable to pull the trigger if need be.

As soon as the driver has his hand on his firearm, the bad guy at the door takes note and begins to back away. Then he starts to run for his life. Sure, the bad guy could have fired at this time, but he didn’t. Once he realized his victim leveled the playing field, he wanted none of it.

And that, folks, is concealed carry in action.

If anyone knows where this incident look place, let us know in the comments.

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