That’s Teamwork! Burglar Escapes Homeowner, Then Police — But Doesn’t Escape A Fast Thinking Neighbor


LUBBOCK, TEXAS — In a stupid broad daylight attempted home invasion, burglary suspect Mark Anthony Cox, 33, allegedly broke a window of a residence to gain access to the inside.  When the homeowner discovered him trying to break in, he fired his gun at the burglar.  Dodging a bullet, literally and figuratively, the burglary suspect took off down the street but was briefly detained by the homeowner according to 911 audio presented through Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.  When the first police officer arrived, he tried to take over the detainment process when Cox got up and bolted.  He didn’t make it far before a fast thinking neighbor tackled him and held him down until he could be detained properly by police.

This is a classic case of Texas.  We constantly advise home owners and concealed carriers to not pursue burglary suspects due to the hazards of both physical violence and legal problems.  But this is Texas.


So, sometimes it takes a village… To chase down an idiot and make sure he gets put behind bars.  But, seriously — leave the Booker T pursuits to the professionals.  It’s great to see neighbors helping out but the last thing we would’ve wanted to see is somebody getting seriously hurt because they tackled a dangerous criminal.  That said — good job, guys.

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