Entire Family Shot And Killed By 16-Year-Old Suspect, Including Two Children

WEST VIRGINIA — A father and mother, along with their two children ages 12 and 3, were shot and killed inside their home. A 16-year-old suspect has been taken into custody, but his identity has not been made public due to his age.

The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office said it had received a call at 10.40 a.m. from the man who had gone to check on his relatives after not hearing from them for days.

“When the caller arrived he found the door unlocked and entered. He discovered three of the residents dead from an apparent act of violence. He went to a nearby house and called 911.”

A fourth victim was found when police arrived and walked through the home.

“A fifth resident of the house, a juvenile, has since been safely located elsewhere,” the sheriff’s office added.

That fifth resident is said to be the older brother of the two deceased children, and is 16 years old. Police would not confirm if he was the suspect.

A big missing piece of whether or not the older brother is actually the suspect. If that’s the case, it makes things more difficult when discussing self-defense and home protection, as we are not inclined to take measures to protect ourselves from others who live with us.

Let’s take the angle that an intruder broke in and did the terrible deed. What security measures do you have in place, both inside and outside your home, that will help you in the terrible event of an invasion?

Dogs? Security system? Cameras? Evacuation plan? Family plan? Firearms? Escape routes? We should think about anything and everything that could protect ourselves and our families, and have the plan known to everyone inside the home.

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