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Police Release Body Cam Footage Showing Moment They Found San Jose Gunman

The gunman who opened fire at a San Jose VTA facility, took the coward’s way out after killing 9 co-workers and injuring many others. As police were closing in on the gunman, he took his own life, of which the gunshot can be heard on the newly-released body cam footage.

The footage below shows quick work by the responding officers, not wasting any time trying to find the gunman who still posed a risk to people still inside the building.

On 05/26/2021 at approximately 0634 hours, Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office Deputies were dispatched to an Active Shooter call, located at 101 West Younger Ave, San Jose. The above video depicts deputies and officers responding to the incident. The suspect was later pronounced deceased from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. There were a total of 10 casualties as a result of this tragic incident, one of them being the suspect.


06:34:51 County Communications received call for service
06:35:31 County Communications dispatched deputies to the VTA Rail Yard
06:37:47 First Deputy arrived on scene
06:37:58 Sheriff’s Sergeant arrived on scene
06:38:14 Arriving Sheriff’s Deputies advised dispatch that they hear shots being fired
06:38:26 Sheriff’s Sergeant immediately leads on scene Deputies to VTA access gate
06:39:13 VTA worker tells first arriving Sheriff’s Deputies the suspect is armed with a handgun
06:39:33 VTA worker tells first arriving Sheriff’s Deputies where the suspect was last seen (Building A)
06:39:50 Sheriff’s Deputy and Sheriff’s Sergeant immediately develop tactical plan and assemble the first contact team to enter Building A
06:40:49 First Contact Team of a Sheriff’s Sergeant, Sheriff’s Deputy and three San Jose Police Officers make entry onto VTA Rail Yard toward the suspect (Building A)

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