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Man Shot In Head By Armed Citizen And Then Run Over By Accomplice In Robbery Gone Right

SPRING, TEXAS — In a robbery gone right for the good guy, one suspect is dead and his accomplices are on the run. The deceased suspect met his end not only by the armed citizen, but also had help from one of his friends when they ran him over after he was shot in the head.

Local news reports on the incident;

Four men approached the man’s apartment around 2 p.m., Sgt. Cedrick Collier said.

The apartment tenant was able to retrieve his own weapon but one of the approaching men shot him in the chest.

The apartment tenant returned fire, shooting one of the men in the head.

After the shooting, the remaining robbers fled in their vehicle. During their desperate flee, they managed to run over their downed buddy in the process.

The thug life is a tough life.

The armed citizen was taken to the hospital with a wound to his chest and was in critical but stable condition.

Police do not yet know if the apartment was specifically targeted, but it’s a clear reminder to always have your firearm within reach, even if you’re at home.

The title of this article isn’t meant to glorify a death of a robber, but rather to state that a failed robbery attempt at the hands of an armed citizen is a welcomed one.

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