“It’s A Sign Of The Times” — Council Members Vote To Allow Themselves To Carry Concealed


HENDERSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA — Hendersonville council members want to pass an ordinance that exempts them from the local ordinances prohibiting carrying a concealed firearm onto city property.  North Carolina is one of the few states in the southeast which has great variance between state and local codes — often times leaving concealed carriers in a lurch to know which side of the law they stand on.

Well, city council members may no longer have to wonder.  If passed, they will be exempt from the prohibition of the carriage of concealed firearms onto city property — which would effectively mean they’re one of the few class of citizens not having their Second Amendment infringed.

According to BlueRidgeNow.com, their justification stems from a fear of shootings which have occurred in “gun free zones” such as theaters and schools.

It’s a sign of the times,” Stephens said of the planned discussion — and possible vote — on whether to amend the concealed weapon ordinance. “People are getting shot in theaters and schools” and other public venues.

Their main opposition to this is the Mayor of the City of Hendersonville, Barbara Volk.  And before you “boo”, check out her justification.

I don’t like granting special permission to a city council – for personal reasons – that others don’t have,” the mayor said.

Unfortunately, the mayor’s accomplice in opposing this recent proposal is Jerry Smith.  He asserts that the chambers in which council members meet is literally positioned near the Hendersonville police — making, in his mind, the prospect of a direct assault unlikely.

This should ring a little false to the ears of anyone who understands both the 2nd Amendment and the tenacity of criminals in enacting violence.

The mayor’s justification appears cogent — why grant special permissions where the average citizen would not be allowed?

Unfortunately, it appears unlikely they’ll go ahead and expand the measure to remove exemptions altogether — allowing council members and non-exempt personnel to be allowed to carry a concealed firearm.

Here’s where we run into serious issues in civil society.  Rights should not be issued in “classes”.  Politicians are not a special class of United States citizen — they’re just citizens like anyone else.  Their ability to carry a concealed firearm should be no greater or less than those whom are legally allowed to do so in the state of North Carolina.  Thus, it only makes sense that if the council members of the City of Hendersonville were serious about their own legitimate protection, they should go ahead and remove the measure altogether.

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