Domestic Dispute Leads To Elderly Mom Shooting, Killing Her Son

FLORENCE, MISSISSIPPI — It is utterly tragic when family members are involved in a killing of one another. It is even worse when it involves a parent and child. Unfortunately, for one elderly woman, she was left with no other choice.

Officers arrived at 2:10 p.m. and discovered a man’s body inside the Shelley Road home. Gregory Byrd, 58, was pronounced dead at the scene, Rankin County Coroner David Ruth told WJTV. 

Byrd was shot and killed by his mother after a “domestic situation,” Thomas said. Byrd lived in the home with his mother and officers had previously been to the home on multiple calls. The gun, a Smith and Wesson .38 Special, belonged to the mother. She is not being publicly identified.

Via the Clarion Ledger

Police say the mom was taken to the hospital as she was suffering from severe mental distress. The police are withholding the name of the mother for now, and say they have no plans to charge her with a crime. Police are also withholding specific details surrounding the shooting.

What we do know is that the two lived together, and that the police have been called out there before. Domestic disturbances between the two seem to be a recurring theme. Whatever happened this time was enough for mom to defend herself, unfortunately, with lethal force against her son.

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