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Graphic Warning: Man Shoots Himself In The Face At Range After Hot Brass Goes Down His Shirt

There are a number of reasons why I don’t like going to public ranges, and avoid them as much as I possibly caan. Here is one of those reasons.

The surveillance video below shows a man enjoying a day at the range. Then, some hot brass goes down the back of his shirt. We’ve all been there, and know not to freak out and wave your gun around. Right?

This guy somehow managed to shoot himself in the face while trying to get the hot brass out. The bullet went into one cheek and out the other, and he’s damn lucky that’s all that happened.

Police say he won’t be facing any charges, but they hope he’ll get additional training. Ya think? These are the situations that get us all into trouble, and why some people push for training requirements. If we can’t be responsible, we can’t thrive.

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