NM Road Rage Incident — Just ‘Cuz You’re Bigger Doesn’t Mean You’re Right


ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO — People drive like absolute morons, wouldn’t you agree?  Well, in this one particular case, two drivers decided to take it to the next level when Anthony Perez allegedly cut off Jacoby (“Stacy”) Johnson.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, the two drivers exchanged some words and articulate hand gestures before Johnson pulled off into a lane beside the Dollar General parking lot and got out.

Perez, 22, saw Johnson advance towards him while Perez was waiting for a light to change color.  Both men have differing stories but the ultimate conclusion was Perez allegedly delivered six rounds to Johnson before fleeing the scene.  Before the audience gasps, a person is allowed to flee the scene after a self-defense shooting if he fears for his life — a fact Perez will undoubtedly bring up when his case is being reviewed by the District Attorney’s office.

Perez spoke with police at the home of his mother, where he gave his side of the story.  At this point, Albuquerque police have not filed charges related to the shooting of Jacoby Johnson and Perez was not detained.

Johnson was critically wounded and lost his left eye in the encounter.  He was evacuated to a nearby medical center where Albuqurque police interviewed him three times.  Their opinion, which was noted by the Albuquerque Journal, was that the shooting was consistent with a self-defense shooting because Johnson advanced on Perez.

The 43-year-old man with a welding certificate, weighed over 400 pounds and it took over six rounds to stop his advance.  An important note for concealed carriers: Perez stopped shooting the moment Johnson stopped advancing.  This is ALWAYS important and why we never say, “should have killed him.”

Unfortunately for Johnson, after he was evacuated to the medical center, medical personnel discovered a heat-sealed package containing what they believed to be cocaine.  It was stowed in his groin area and eluded authorities for two days during his stay in the hospital.  Johnson will be charged for possession of the illegal drugs found on his person.

So, if you are going to make a fool of yourself and advance on an armed driver at a stop-light, make sure you get the pack of illegal drugs off your person first.  You think that would be common sense for any seasoned criminal? Guess not…

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