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[VIDEO] FIRST LOOK: Kahr PM9 “Covert”

Kahr Arms produces some of the smallest and lightest handguns in the industry. They are very well built with high-end components that endures incredible longevity. Last year, I reviewed an eight year old Kahr PM9 that had over 40 thousand rounds through it. The owner changed out a couple springs throughout the years and that little pistol is still going strong. I have high confidence in Kahr pistols. I have chosen to carry a Kahr handgun (although many different Kahr models) for several years.

Just recently, Kahr Arms released their new Kahr PM9 Covert. The “Covert” model uses the same upper slide and barrel of the Kahr PM9 but extends the grip to fit a seven round magazine. That’s a “plus one” round compared to the standard PM9 six round magazine. Most beneficial, the PM9 Covert allows for three finger contact on the grip for more control when shooting.

The Kahr PM9 Covert is a cross between the Kahr PM9 and the slightly larger Kahr P9. Being that the upper slide assembly is a PM9 and the grip length is the same as a P9 (and CW9), the Kahr PM9 Covert is like the offspring of those two models. Other PM9 Covert benefits include TruGlo night sights and a forend rail for accessories. Combined, the Kahr PM9 is an excellent concealed carry handgun.

The entire line of Kahr handguns share the same, extremely smooth, double action trigger pull. The trigger breaks between 6.5 and 7 pounds. It doesn’t matter if its a large .45 ACP pistol or a micro .380 ACP pistol, the double action trigger is identical. The advantage to that  allows the shooter to train with any Kahr handgun without having to adjust to the trigger. The trigger resets to full rest position for the follow up shots. 

The size and weight of Kahr Arms pistols is impressive. The slide width for the 9mm models is only .91 inches wide. The Kahr PM9 Covert’s loaded weight (eight 9mm rounds) is 20.5 ounces. This is the same weight as the original and smaller Kahr PM9 with eight rounds. I personally enjoy carrying a Kahr pistol concealed in a holster at 3:30 on the hip. Depending on my clothes, I may choose to pocket carry the Kahr PM9. The PM9 Covert is approximately a quarter inch longer on the grip length. Whether the PM Cover is holstered or pocket carried, it remains much smaller and lighter than most other handguns in the same class.


Action: Double

Caliber: 9mm Luger

Barrel Length: 3.1”

Capacity: 8+1 & 7+1 (depends on the magazine provided)

Sights: TruGlo Night Sights

Weight: 20 ounces w/ 7 rounds

Frame Finish: Black

Frame Material: Polymer

Barrel Type:   Polygonal Rifled

Slide: Black Stainless Steel

Disassembling a Kahr handgun is a simple process. Assure the gun is unloaded with the magazine removed. Move the slide back about a quarter inch. There is a marking on the slide and the frame that should be aligned. From the opposite side of the slide stop, push the tab through to remove the slide stop pin. With most Kahr handguns, I need a blunt object to push the tight pin out. With this Kahr PM9 Covert, I am able to push the pin through with just using my thumb. Once removed, point the gun in a safe direction and pull the trigger to remove the slide from the frame. Simply remove the 3.1 inch barrel and the uncaptured recoil spring then the process is complete.

At the range the Kahr PM9 Covert was outstanding. It was accurate and reliable as I shot a series of target and self defense rounds. The three finger contact on the extended “Covert” grip aided in overall control when firing. The Kahr handguns offer very little muzzle rise and severely decreased recoil. This is due to the increased weight of the heavy recoil spring. Albeit, the slide is a bit stiff when charging the gun, the ability to stay on target with little muzzle movement far outweighs a tight recoil spring. 

A range test I performed is called the “limp wrist” test. My goal is to see if the gun will perform when the shooter doesn’t have a firm grip on the gun. The “limp wrist” test has become a trademark part of my range reviews. The PM9 Covert easily passed the limp wrist test. It was exciting for me to perform the test but better yet knowing the PM9 Covert will perform in “limpy” conditions. This speaks well for the pistol.   

As demonstrated in the range review attached, the Kahr PM9 Covert performed great. I stepped back to 15 yards and then 25 yards and was able to hit my targets with ease. Although the PM9 Covert is a sub-compact single stack pistol, it handled like a full-size handgun. I enjoyed ringing steel from various distances with the PM9 Covert. I look forward to holstering the handgun on my hip. I will add it into my carry rotation with other Kahr handguns.

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