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Chicago CCW Turns Tables On Carjackers, Shooting 1 Of 2

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In a recent incident near Ford City Mall, two individuals were apprehended and subsequently charged following a failed carjacking attempt. During this event, one of the accused sustained a gunshot wound inflicted by the target of the attack, who was a concealed carrier.

The episode unfolded Sunday night on South Cicero Avenue, in the 7600-block area. The intended victim, a 24-year-old man with a lawfully carried firearm, was accosted by the pair of culprits. After one assailant fired a handgun, the armed citizen responded, shooting one of the attackers in the leg.

Following their arrest later that night at different locations on South Cicero Avenue and West 68th Street, the suspects were identified as Anton Cheeks, 21, and Travell Quadir Deal, 18. Both were charged with attempted vehicle hijacking and were slated to appear for a bond hearing on Tuesday, according to the Chicago police.

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